Can't mine with nheqminer on Suprnova

I’m running this on windows 10. I run this (.bat) :

nheqminer_x64_SSE2.exe -l -u my.worker -p 1234567 -t 24

It won’t connect …

Mining works if I go directly through NiceHash with this :

nheqminer_x64_SSE2.exe -l usa -u (my btc address) -t 24

Any idea ?

There is no stratum support, so you can only use their pool

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Thanks ! NiceHash will be able to create a zcash wallet in your account for launch to store your coin ? Either pool, I don’t care.

You can mine on suprnova with it if you want to. Here is the link to download it.

Edit:Fixed link to show windows version.

This is available directly from suprnova by clicking the help tab and clicking get started. :slight_smile:

So for windows you would need to change something in the files and recompile with visual studio I guess ?

Sorry that was the linux download.

You can choose either file depending on your CPU. It works with windows just as the nicehash version. If you have older CPU then choose the SSE2.

They hardcoded a nicehash server into their miner. Someone has to fork it to open it to connect to anywhere other than their own pool. Suprnova has an instance, but it’s out of date and behind the efficiency nicehash is revealing in their latest builds. Suprnova will be updating once nicehash releases it, though.

There’s the culprit: nheqminer/main.cpp at master · nicehash/nheqminer · GitHub

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Agreed. Given this is the only option is the reason why i offered a link. Looks like nicehash has a really nice CPU miner. Hope the opencl version of the GPU miner is great as well.

Someone has to fork it to open it to connect to anywhere

Here’s such a fork: GitHub - d10r/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash has an nheqminer fork that you can use stratum on their pool

I will check this out, thanks !

your welcome, check out my youtube channel and you can stay updated on anything else I find out :slight_smile:

I cannot get the suprnova miner to work. It stars up just fine but then says worker not authorized. I have an account on suprnova and I’m using one of my workers info. Is there a step I’m missing? Do I need to sign up on the website somewhere specifically for zec?

where i must write -cd ,ct or cb for cuda pls halp

  1. you start cuda with -cd then add -cb or -ct after … try -cb 0 and -ct 0 and start from there

so like this nheqminer -u Weblogin.Worker -p password -t 4 -cd 0 ?

if you have 1 card, then -cd 0, if you have 2 it’s -cd 0 1 and then adjust settings :

nheqminer -u Weblogin.Worker -p password -t 4 -cd 0 -cb 0 -ct 0

Do you know what’s the significance of blocks and threads (resp. -cb and -ct)?
Is that something hardware specific?

yes, but how to calcul it, I don’t know yet

CUDA error ‘the launch timed out and was terminated’ in func ‘eq_cuda_context::solve’ line 986 halp in nheqminer halp