Computer crashes with above 4g memory/cryptocurrency mining enabled; Windows and Linux won't recognize all my GPUs


that would be a good idea.

and no one installs with MBR now days, so no one here is going to think of that...
we have been using GPT for years now... its not 1999 anymore


You are caring too much for my feelings. You need to be more rational instead of emotional.

No one installs with MBR? I'm pretty sure that there are numerous PCs installed with a MBR partition in the whole world (it's a big one, mind it), so stop already with your provocations. Reductio ad absurdum doesn't work on me.

ASUS P5GC series were made around 2004, if you didn't know.

If you want people to go easy on you, be more kind too. Otherwise you are nothing but a hypocrite.


Hmm... you aren't as smart as I thought. There are NUMEROUS miners in 3rd world countries too. Shitty reply by the way.


Hey brother,
Is your problem soved? if it is then tell me the solution because I have same issue with my rig and tired trying to solve it.

Please help !!!