Concern about GPU based algorithm


Let us say if Zcash select Lyra2 as mining algorithm, can we use Scrypt mining rigs to mine Zcash or other GPU based mining rigs?


If you are talking about ASIC, the answer is no. Mining algorithm is not decided yet, it will be probably something new. Zcash team said they are into memory-hard algorithm, which i think will be CPU-friendly. This might cause performance difference between GPU and CPU is small. On the down side, CPU-friendly mining would be a gold mine for botnet operators.


Abstractions are easy ...I would love it is the smaller guy wins but it's so tricky .. vErtcoin did something ASIC resistant and bot net resistant right ?


Has anybody read what the mining devs has said about this from bitcointalk forum?


Whoever posted as 'dga' is probably the only person in that thread who is worth paying attention to. Even so, they didn't really provide anything insightful.