Confused about developer blog posts before launch vs real world

Going back over some of the blog posts for zcash.

There's mention of mining on a smartphone.

Further down the track, our goal is to have the Equihash solver optimised for running on smartphones. We hope that this will greatly aid the decentralization of mining — users could mine Zcash while their phones are plugged in and unused overnight!

My current computer gets 5 Sol/s. I currently have mining turned off, because from the calculators I've used there's very very slim chance of mining with that low of a Sol/s. Does mining help the network even if there is low chance of winning a block?

I'm confused about the documentation before the launch vs what we are seeing?

Mining on smartphones? There are some 8-core 3GHz cpu in smartphones, but mining on them could literaly burn them from heat... Not mention that not all have enough of memory... It could get like 5 sol/s but with that hashpower solo mining is like big lottery, so everyone would just join pool... so i do not see how mining on smartphones could help decentralistaion... But wallet and node on smartphones and some qr-code pay it would help...
Do not look on documentation, they never know the stuff, but only did everything for the hype and profit..

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Yeah I don't think this was meant to mislead. Although who knows the capabilities of phones in the next few years.
It's probably just a great way for everyone to support the network down the road. Just download the 'zcash wallet / mining app'

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"Our goals are to make mining profitable for casual enthusiasts" - imposible, cause if something is profitable in small scale it will be more profitable in big scale, large mining farms will take adventages and kill profitability. But if you can create coin, where you could keep profitability, then large and small ones will get profit... So next coin - distributed high performance "computing Center", where business will buy coins to create work what miners will execute and get that coins from it... Yes it is much harder to develop distributed system in blockchain, even create new programing language, but if would works, then business could use coin system rather than high performance compunting centers and will buy a lot of coins...