Some noobish but crucial questions about mining

So lets’ just ensure we’re working from the same info:

So that’s my terminal output, and basically I am wondering:

  • “Equihash solver runs” – does that in any way correlate to payment? If so, how?
  • If mining as an individual, whose node could go up and down over time, does it make sense to use a pool, or are blocks paid to users fractionally in porportion to, for example “equihash solver runs” by default?
  • When I first start the daemon, it seems like it makes a wallet, but then doesn’t put any addresses in that wallet. How do I ensure that mining proceeds are paid into my address after making an address using getnewaddress? Or… have I missed something?
  • Anything else I should know? Consider this the “noob” thread… other “noobs” might be able to use this info too…

BTW, I’ll be keeping this up to date as it evolves ~/.zcash/zcash.conf:

rpcpassword=Put your password here

Any optimizations, etc are greatly appreciated.

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Use a pool because your hashrate won’t mine a block in 100 years. Also use equihashsolver=tromp in your config file (it’s faster than the zcashd solver)

Here’s a calculator Zcash Mining Calculator - ZEC Mining Calculator - CoinWarz

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Thanks. So when blocks are mined, they’re mined whole, I take it. Thanks for that. Do “equihash solver runs” have anything to do with the eventual payout?

None at all, if you don’t find the solution you are just trying to (solving)

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Do I need to install tromp separately? Oh, I guess not! Okay, next question…

I’ve read some things about pools that make me think that some pools are… not so great. The pools I know of are:

… recommendations?


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The first 2 are well standing from the ETH miners (last year or so)

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Nicehash isn’t scam, you can mine directly to bitcoin (sell you hashpower), mine on the zcash pool and recieve zcash or buy hashpower on the equihash market


Clearly we all understand the declaration behind nashash, that you can do this and that, im saying that observed behavior is very different from declaration, and process itself is not clear.

Comparing to other pools out there (not to name anything so that its not considered as advertising), i would like to know what is “immature balance” how that refers to “confirmed balance”, why are those values fluctuation what seems to be arbitrarily, also i can see that balance is being accrued at a much lower pace, comparing to other pools.

All that taking together I can, see that zec pool on nicehash is really paying something, however from general behaviour it like a scam, because mechanics is very unclear and not transparent and actual pay outs look strange.

Zec pool on nicehash may as well be a honest pool, in which case I would very much like to clarify those details. Thats all.