Contest: create a Zcash-like sidechain to bitcoin (6.1 BTC max prize)

Hey zeal fam,

I want to inform you of a contest that Paul Sztorc is running related to his Drivechain project.

For those unfamiliar, Drivechains are a type of sidechain that is merge-mined with some parent chain, in this case bitcoin. You can read more about the concept here:

Paul has started a contest that runs until May 12th where people can compete for up to 6.1 BTC in prizes if they can successfully create a Zcash-like Drivechain.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the announcement post:


The Zcash Github is here: GitHub - zcash/zcash: Zcash - Internet Money
Our Sidechain Template (testchain-5.02) is here: Releases | Drivechain: Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Sidechains

You must take from the Zcash GitHub, and add to the Sidechain Template.

Here is a specific list of all Zcash cli-commands, that I have sorted and organized. The commands with double-asterisks are the ones you must focus on. The others you can just ignore.

You are NOT responsible for older zk-snarks (ie, you are responsible for sapling, NOT sprout). You are NOT responsible for any of the “deprecated”, nor “experimental, disabled by default” features.

In general, these two commands are the main goal:

  • z_merge
  • z_sendmany

…and their subsidiary functions (ie: z_listaddress, and wallet management).

You can read the full rules and submission guidelines for the contest here:

This seems like a cool opportunity to introduce Bitcoiners to Zcash technology so I thought I’d share! Looking forward to seeing the results if anyone manages to complete the challenge.


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This felt like it needed a new thread, but perhaps relevant for anyone who reads this thread and is interested: