Copypaste of Zcash - Bitzec / BZC


Just came around a copy paste currency from ZEC, Bitzec BZC …

I’am posting this topic here as i have no idea where it would fit better, in case it’s the wrong topic, please move this thread!

It’s mentioned that this Bitzec project is just a 100% copy of ZEC which raises some questions i would like ask:

  • Is it legal to use the whole Zcash code for another cryptocurrency without permission? I guess there is no permission.

  • Is it legal to use Zcash, Sapling and so on by them for their introduction, advertise, whatever?

  • Is this some kind of “unknown/unwanted/***” fork of ZEC?


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Zcash is Open Source and free to copy/distribute/hack as anyone wishes.

But they cannot use the “ZCASH” name or :zcash: logo to brand thier fork since it’s Trademarked for exclusive use by Zerocoin Electric Coin Company LLC:

Also, 7 :rofl: Billlon max supply


bitzec is a codebase fork of zcash
not a chainfork

just like zcash is not a chainfork of bitcoin with its own genesisblock



@Bitzec Having a fork is fine, there are many like Komodo, Horizon, Zclassic, etc…

Judging by your username I’m going to assume you are from Bitzec.

But you have the Zcash logo and ZEC name on your software which is likely against Zcashs Trademarks. CC @joshs

The trademark currently includes both the name “Zcash” as well as the Zcash logo and is currently registered or pending registration in the United States, European Union and approximately 10 other jurisdictions. Additionally, the word “ZEC” is now protected in some locations.

I would strongly suggest coming up with a new name/logo that isn’t likely to confuse a consumer in the marketplace to avoid legal issues.


actuly this is the coin logo

are referring to ZEC in BITZEC ?
what does zec in zcash mean ? zerocash ? i guess
zec in bitzec means zero-knowledge electronic currency


ZEC is the exchange ticker symbol for Zcash as you know. Why else would you choose Bitzec other than to be similar to the Zcash ticker? Also note that many places in your GitHub Repo still have the Zcash name as well.

The image above is from your console splash screen from your GitHub Repo and has the Zcash logo.

I don’t work for Zcash Company, but they have been notified of this thread.


Thanks @Shawn.

@Bitzec Shawn is correct. Please discontinue use of the Zcash mark and the ZEC reference. Let me know if you have any questions.


From a copyright perspective: yes, it’s MIT licensed (mostly, see for all of the gory details).

Using “Zcash” would be a trademark infringement, unless permission were explicitly granted. “Sapling” is not trademarked as far as I know.

In my opinion, forks without any significant differentiating factor are undesirable because they are unlikely to be secure:

  • they won’t have sufficient hash rate to prevent 51% attack;
  • they won’t have large enough usage of shielded transactions to give a note traceability set that provides meaningful privacy;
  • they won’t have a development team capable of handling operational security issues, monitoring, etc.

You might be right ,… there are still 2 major things that differ from zcash . 1.groth16 proof verifications from the beginning ( no sprout bug in the past, only on the sapling mpc)
2. Blockreward decreases every month
(3. Max supply is much higher , that would cause an near 0 transaction fee )


I like this red remark on the Bitcointalk topic which, i guess, was added by a mod or admin:

"Caution" this is a full zcash copy paste project with amateur dev but decent copypaster

realy made me smile, lol.


I did wrote that …