Corsair RM 750 and 3 GPUs?

I have an RM 750 and I just got my 3rd GPU only to realize that I can’t power it. Here’s a picture of the ports, is there a cheap way to split, convert, etc any of these ports that I don’t need into a 6+2 + 6pin that won’t cost much?

I’m currently using all 3 8pins. The only free are 1 (I can probably get it down to 2 f) 6pins in the peripheral and sata section.

Sth like this or this

Make sure not to overload your PSU or the PCI-E lines – read up the maximum load per PCI-E plug of your PSU.

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Thanks. I’ll do more research on it but as a general rule no more than 75W per PCI 6pin.