Rough roadmap and RSA UFOs?

Hi everyone. I just found out about zcash and I’m very excited! I was closely watching zerocoin before it turned into zerocash and am glad to see a coin is now in the works.

A couple questions:

Instead of using split public and private keys for the parameters and assuming at least one person destroys theirs, what about RSA UFOs? I don’t know much about them but I know that is what anoncoin was planning on doing before development slowed down.

Also, is there a roadmap or a very rough plan on how long beta will be? Or until we’ll be out of testnet and can buy/mine coins?


cant answer all questions but i heard that it will be released in July.

Oh wow that’s soon! Do you know if it plans to be a full release or an alpha?

Re: RSA-UFOs, they are something you could use in the Zerocoin protocol, not the Zerocash protocol, and it looked like they would be prohibitively inefficient.

Re: roadmap, we’re working on planning all the details, and we’ll write a blog post about it as soon as we know exactly what to say, but basically our next goal is to launch the genesis block for the permanent blockchain.

That first permanent version will not be very user-friendly at all, and will probably be of interest only to miners, speculators, coders, entrepreneurs, etc. I’m thinking of naming that version “Frontier”, like Ethereum did, to emphasize that it isn’t really ready for less adventurous users who like the comforts and amenities of civilization. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info! That sounds great :slight_smile:

Cool, currently launching it is the important thing.:slight_smile: it can be consummated step by step.