Your machines sols/s

got i5 2500k gtx 1060 and got 40 sols/s is that good result ? Im using win 10 and nichash algorithm. and i found that overclocking cpu dont give any advantagaes on 4,4 ghz the sols/s is the same like for 3.4ghz

To me looks kind of low.
I am mining at 34 sols/s with an Intel I7-2600K (24 Sols/s) + 750TI (10 Sols/s).
I am running Debian 64Bit Testing with Cuda 7.5.

CPU running at 4.1 GHz
750 Ti ( is not overclocked)

i5 3570K@4.5ghz = 26-29 sols/s
2xRx470 4giga nitro+ at stock =80 sols/s

total =100-110 sols/s
I’m using SilentArmy v3 on Linux…

Intel 1840
8gb RAM
Asrock hH81 pro btc
80 gb SSD
x6 Gigabyte R9380 4gb (990/1500)
180-190 SOL/s on claymore

I got 8 rigs running so roughly 1400H/s