Help me please, try Mining on the CPU

My core cpu i7-4790K Haswell Devils Canyon, produces 10-12 Sol, is it ok? I ask because I have a core i5-2300 Sandy Bridge, which gives 17-20 Sol.
cpu i7 - 8 cores
cpu i5 - 4 cores

my program nheqminer


I’m using the same CPU but i produce something like around 17 SOL.

[08:26:08][0x00003de0] Speed [300 sec]: 8.82667 I/s, 16.0333 Sols/s


CPU mining is dead now due to GPUs

I am also mining with cpu with one of my leptops, i have the same speed since i started

I have an i7 3610QM @ 2.3GHz = 15-16 sol/s , using nheqminer_v0.2_flypool, followed by this tutorial