How can I mine zcash on my Nvidia desktop without using my CPU?

I am using Flypool’s miner. I am currently mining with all 8 threads of my CPU, and both GPUs.

I would like to mine with just my GPUs on this box (my main PC) as I have a server with a 6700k to mine with.

How can I do this? Also, how can I shut the miner down safely?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

close the app and add -t 0 to your config this should stop the CPU mining.

Thank you so much! <3

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Oh wow, that is actually super slow… only getting 2-4 sols/s with my 770s (I have 2.)

My 3770k seems to be rocking though, 12-15. My 6770k in my server box is doing great, as well, seeing as high as 30 so far. Okay might not use the GPUs, heh.

Are you using Nicehash 4a or 4b ? or the slower 2a ?

The flypool version? How can I check?


You are using the v0.3a

Should I use 4a or 4b?

anyone will do for now (I used 4.0a) as they have a very fast one coming out

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Okay. Do you think this is worth it, mining with around 53 H/s?

Thanks for being helpful :slight_smile:

For the CPU? nicehash nheqminer xenoncat has been same for me since v1. 23.5 S/s on the i7-3770

he is talking about GPU

He said “without the GPUs” and now he say’s 50 S/s which is what he should get with the two CPUs.