Crowd-Mining - Your Opinion


I’m a swiss men and i’m passionate about crypto-currencies.

I think about a mining rig who can be crowdfunding by the community and send percent relatively to its investment. of the earnings to the crowdfunder.

If you think that’s a good Idea, you can say in the comments ideas, how much are you ready to invest, etc…

As now I don’t request any trust, I just want to know if that can interrest some people.

Sorry, i’m not english and there is probably some mistakes :wink:

See you later.


I have some solar panel, if I sell the excess the price is 4cents by KW/H that’s nothing. Mining in about min. 5x much better

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A one year agreement running at Current zec pricing you would achieve break even after 7.5 month and 4.5 months of profit.

This post is in now way me criticizing or endorsing your product, I just like doing rough math.

The Following IS WITH zec @ 100.00 or higher!

With you I didn’t have to buy parts, put it together, figure out the settings, deal with downtime, and pay the increased power bill (I don’t, but 99% of people do) and after 7.5 months its coins in my pocket.

Without you, I had fun putting it together, figuring out the settings lose sleep and hair dealing with down rigs, and pay the power bill (again no bill, but 99% of people do) after 9 months I have a ROI on the rigs and everything is profit. If I run the same machine(s) for another year of 3x the profit from the first year. Buy new equipment, sell off old at 60% price break, rinse and repeat…

The later, to me, is way more fun! :smile:


I agree with you citricacid, having his own rig is so satisfying as cloud mining and you have the control of costs and you’re very much excités.

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@GPU_Mining I’m getting so sick of seen your bold ugly face popping up in every thread here I am reading,your trolling every thread which shows how desperate you are for business,this is normally a sign of a business struggling and about to go under,your coming across desperate and i for one am sick of seen your bold head everywhere :joy:

Wow excellent setup GPU_Mining gongratz for what u are doing there ,for ur mid-long term thinking and for sharing with us from hardware to financial advices in my opinion ur service is the best on the market keep up the good work!

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@GPU_Mining why did you don’t mine for yourself if your service is good, you can get more benefits.

@GPU_Mining I have no problem with you advertising your business what I’m saying is when others are advertising there business and you jump in with your pictures of you and ur farm it’s not good,perhaps I should not of been personal but it’s so annoying seen you pop up everywhere on other people’s threads and not professional you did same on last thread I read also,cloud mining is not good for crypto since mostly people loose money and have a bad experience turning them away from crypto,the Internet is awash with bad experiences,mining is profitable but not your model,you started out giving impression of a good guy wanting to change the bad rep cloud mining had and now I see you using same tactics has the company’s before you and it’s my opinion that you would not have resorted to these tactics if all was well in GPU mining land.
It’s clear as you say above you make more money from people buying your cloud mining contracts than mining yourself which should tell any prospective clients all they need to no,this business model is very profitable for you but not so for your clients

hi! im chris from austria. also and implemented sonething i would call crowdmining for everyone …its more like software…but idea is the same… its in alpha state … need your feedback…its on Https://… src is in my github…what do you think?

Your own rig your own rules, thats better :smile:

I crowdmine on the pirate bay all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

here you can mine for yourself

intended for ppl who are not so familiar…sone kind of icebreaker

There should be a secure way to mine in such a way Else it sucks :3