Rent a Rig - Cheaply. No Risks, No Setup, No Electricy Bills, No equipment costs

Would anyone be interested in this sort of offer?

I can do 30 day mining contract of 200-220 H/S per rig for 1.5 BTC.
I will manage the rig, you will just supply me with your pool & wallet address.
If a new software comes out during your 30 days which gives more H/S there will be no extra charge.
You own the the Rig and all H/S for 30 days.

Any downtime will not be taken from the 30 days, and i have stand by rigs & spare Gpu’s in case of a crash.

I will start with one rig just to see how it goes, if all goes well i will offer a few more at a time.

You can BUY a 200 H/S rig for not far off 1.5 BTC.

I might do this also depending if there is much interest.

However I think your price is very high for 30 days. Its pretty much what and GenesisMIning charged before the launch.

This is aimed at people who don’t want the hassle of setting up mining rigs , noise , heat, maintenance.
The price i am asking is 30% of the price of cloud mining companies.

His price is pretty fair

Toomin is charging 4.4 BTC for 200 hs for a month. With no increase if hashing power goes up with new software.

Woah, now that I see your price, my one’s modest, at best :slight_smile:
But gotta say, that’s a very nice setup you’ve got!

For all those interested, have a look > (SOLD) A Modest Proposal - Auctioning 80+ Sols/s of dirt-cheap ZEC power! ~ under 1 minute till end! Get ~ 88 Hashes at a price for 80! - #13 by brookc

Wish you all a great night!

Yeah but I doubt anyone is buying Cloud mining anymore for 4.4BTC. Especially with todays difficulty. But good luck with sale.

Hey, if you can sell the time, go ahead. But the point stands: you can pretty much outright buy a 200H/s rig for 1.5BTC.

At that price, people are paying you to run it for 30 days.

Forget how much ZEC you might or might not make in that time. The simplest maths is based around ROI - at these prices people need to be able to expect to ROI on the underlying rig in 1 month. Even in the best days of ETH, people were not reaching ROI in 30 days or less.

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I think a more fair price would be what the current bids are in the “Modest offer” thread, which is $1.80 per Sol for 30 days which is pretty much EXACTLY what you are earning today but this is gauranteed income for the next month at least.

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