Crowdfund for binary Windows zcash release

Currently you can build zcash on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition using the “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” aka “Linux on Windows” subsystem. For developers or serious crypto currency fans or early adopters who don’t or won’t run linux, this may be fine. Zcash Company has has said that they are planning for Windows and Mac support in the future, but it is unclear is that simply means support for building from source, or a binary release with a graphical installer and the associated tools you’d want to run a console only (non-GUI) release of zcash, either as just a full node or for mining using the currently included reference release of the miner.

I’m currently in the midst of a native Windows 10 build of zcash which I’m planning on packaging up with a GUI installer and an appropriate shell to run it in preconfigured. How much interest is there in crowd funding such an effort? If I get enough response, I’d provide support for the release (dedicated download site, mailing list, Slack, forum, etc.) and maintain it as new zcash versions come out. If the level of funding is high enough, I’d release Windows 8.x (and maybe 7) versions, and possibly a 32 bit release (does zcash run on 32 linux right now? I have to check!).

How many folks are interested in backing such an effort? Ideas on the best crowdfunding platform? (patreon, paypal donations, “send BTC to this address”, etc)?

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: I already have a Patreon account, but I haven’t done anything with it yet, so I’ll set that up this weekend, with different goals for various items above (Win7/8 release, 32 bit build, etc.) and priority support for backers.

In the meantime if anybody wants to chip in you can send me BTC at: 1AsoFtYfV2mCpCS98Qf3ytKs8y9VSzZ4V5 or fiat to: PayPal.Me

Right now I don’t have a day job, and unemployment is dwindling, so any support for this effort means a LOT!


Zcash founders should pay for your efforts. Seriously!

well yes that would be very nice!

We’ve now got our Windows build to compile!

The linker is having some issues, hopefully they won’t take too long to resolve.

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Any update on this? what windows version does the build support? I think in general, most are still on windows 7 version.

I still haven’t been able to solve my linker issues, I’m going to open a ticket about them if I can’t get it sorted out myself by the end of today (its early Tues where I am right now). The only Windows version I have right now is Windows 10: my 7 license key is on the disc in a storage unit over 1000 miles away right now, and I don’t have an 8.x license nor an MSDN membership, so for the moment 10 is all that I will be able to support.

After I have an initial release out, hopefully people will start to donate once they can download and run this thing; so far there have been ZERO financial contributions. If that changes and we can afford an MSDN subscription, I’ll certainly install older Windows versions and build for them.

We’ve been making some progress on the native Windows build, I have it setup to build all dependencies using the bitcoin depends/ system that zcashd uses on linux for cross-compiling from Ubuntu to Windows 10 64-bit.

I’ve gotten some good feedback on how to start digging into the C++ linker issues from the zcashco team. Further updates as things unfold.