Cryptonomicon - worth a read?

I recently have been looking for crypt0 books to read…and I keep hearing all about this book. Its been on my radar for the past few years but never picked it up. I am interested to hear if anyone has read it yet?.. Its quite old but I may pick up a copy on my next run to the bookstore.

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

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Check the selection of books here (bottom of the page):

It worked for me.

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I found it great fun :slight_smile: I’ve been meaning to reread it since I got involved in Zcash.


Yes, go read Cryptonomicon!

I want to read Gnomon by Nick Harkaway… can’t go far wrong if Warren Ellis is raving about it.

Going to pick up a copy of this book later today. Along with the latest issue of Fortune magazine if I can find that at the local bookstore as well… Has anyone managed to find a physical copy of this months issue?

You can find that issue of Fortune on Ebay.

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