Meanwhile, on the front page of r/cryptocurrency post anything positive about zcash; gets brigaded… this stuff makes it to the front page… you wonder why we’re down, and monero is up???

I like zcash but it is traceable. And monero isn’t. Governments don’t like it if they cannot trace what you do!!

heh? when was zcash’s encryption broken? XMR’s obfuscation has already been defeated once this year.

Dont worry, its obvious that they really wish what they said was true, perhaps an attempt to sway the less informed. Remember, Jesus cries when you lie personal for gain.:yum:

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Its just free rent in their minds, like all the other privacy coins coming out, they’re afraid.

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The reddit post refers to some results published yesterday in this paper and this blog. [The number is actually 31.9% not 31.5%.] Zooko Wilcox and Jack Gavigan discuss the results in more detail in yesterday’s zcash blog: New Empirical Research into Zcash Privacy - Electric Coin Company.