Cryptonotify Mining Pool: BTC and ZEC block rewards

We are launching a new mining pool, we understand that most of the mining power is distributed amongst many different pools which are currently finding blocks at a steady rate.

Being this is the case, we need to offer an incentive to position your mining at our pool by providing a bonus to the early adopting miners. At, we would like to offer a 2.5 ZEC bonus per-week to the top block earner, plus a 0.0125 BTC reward for each block found up to the first 100 ZEC blocks (1.25 BTC). Our fees are 1%.

If you would like to take part in this incentive, point your miners towards our platform and start reaping your rewards and benefits once we start discovering blocks.

MINING USER: [your ZEC address].[worker]
TLS MINING: stratum+tls://
TCP MINING: stratum+tcp://

The mining incentive model has been revised.

Not to be a Debbie Downer here, but that incentive is most likely not going to get you the miners you think it will. Just as an example, Luckpool was offering 1 ZEC off each block found to the person who found the block. That’s a more realistic incentive and this is where their stats are right now:

Zcash Pool Stats
3.88 KSol/s LUCK 145.185 DAYS

10 Workers


166889 mined 22 days ago by t1YP…GDP8

Before that last block 22 days ago, it was almost 3 months before they had found a block. They also run a fee of 0.3% Just some food for thought.

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$BTC is ready, are you?