Mining profitability calculator..realistic? Best pool

Who gets these amounts?..
mining 1% fee 20% founders fee
± 85 sol Hourly zec 0.00052937 Calculator Coinwars 0.00065791
Miningspeed 0.000619

Profitable mining pool, Post your pool/stats

Best Calculator?

Zec convert dollar euro etc
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Pools Zec!/coin/ZCASH

calculators dont take into account difficulty shifts or pool luck. no matter where you mine you will not really get what the calculator says, its more of a rough guide line as to what to roughly expect within reason of difficulty changes and pool luck.

Let’s mine and compare results :footprints: :footprints: :footprints: :footprints::footprints:

Well i mine at supnovas pool, about 160h/s and thats been stable as over the past 24 hours, calculator says i should get about 0.031 but due to the nature of luck and difficulty shifts i earn’nt 0.0287 instead which is still alright and within reason

The calculators may be enhanced to display profitability results using not only a simple number, but giving a range (example 3.3 - 2-7) taking in account past previsions with real results.
For the zcash I think they are correct in the ±10% range (for a 24hrs duration).

Then just estimate that yourself -,-

Anyway, little bit to chew on
Used to use suprnova before, they had 0.0002zec ‘TxFee’, when in truth they only use 0.0001 for ~10-20TXs.

Yes, written “I think

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