Current GPU/CPU miner MAX speed

39.7 Sol/s is for an i7-4790K and GTX 970. The 6 x RX 470 is running at 103.7 Sol/s (which honestly isn’t fantastic, but it’s in line w/ what others are getting w/ extremal’s miner.)

“etherchain’s patched 0.2” - Where can I download it? Give link please. If this here: GitHub - etherchain-org/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash - the link is dead.

25-29 Sols/s on i5-6600k @ 4.3Ghz (32GB DDR4)
Haven’t gotten gtx1070 to work yet…


OK, now i see. Thanks!

With the standard miner now is there a suggested (required) amount of RAM per core?

speeds using nheqminer v3 on nicehash pool

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