🦸‍♀️ Cypherpunk Zero NFT Megathread


Anyone got 3.5 ETH laying around? You can get 50 CZ NFTs with that… :wink:


Remember when you could get 50 @cypherpunkZero NFTs for 3.5 ETH? It was 2 days ago. Today, you need to add 1 more ETH to get the same number of NFTs. :wink:


are all the cheap punks bought out? :thinking: the price is rising slowly :money_mouth_face:

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You can also apply for a Twitter certification badge.

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Hey everyone! We (ECC) are commencing with minting the remaining NFTs for the Cypherpunk Reserve. This process could take up to one week depending upon Ethereum gas prices. Once the Reserve’s minting is complete, all 10,000 NFTs in the collection will be visible on-chain and on marketplaces like Opensea.

The Cypherpunk Reserve will live at this Ethereum address (ending in 29d8). All 40 NFTs from ECC’s allocation of the Mighty Jaxx toy release currently held by the contract deployer address (ending in b6aF) will be transferred to the new Reserve address (ending in 29d8).

In other news, over the past two weeks @tokidoki and others led a grass roots effort to form a Cypherpunk Zero DAO. This is super encouraging and we will be coordinating with them where possible. There are lots of other fun things coming down the pipeline for CZ NFT holders—comics, giveaways and potential cross-chain activations. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!

Have a lovely weekend :v: :shield:


I hope CZ NFT are able to be famous in the future:)
ill hold my NFT forever and together with Zcash.
Time is Zcash!


Whale alert ! ! !


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Can Cypherpunk zero get the support of the zcash foundation? I hope to bring more surprises to everyone.

It does exist entirely on Ethereum and seems that most of the recent NFT newcomers have migrated away to a closed discord which further seems slightly counterintuitive but whatevs. I was enjoying the activity (older and crustier zebras dont post enough)

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@rosenthvl hope to share my thoughts as respectfuly as I can in order to make constructive change. Im really struggling to understand the intent of this project. There was no one in attendance from ECC/CZ at Twitter DAO space. Roll out/news on benefits of ownership seem very slow/sparse. It feels like intent was this was an easy/sort of cool side project that was executed and left for community to figure out what to do with it. I am hoping there can be more intial support/information provided so that there is more awareness and momentum for community/ecosystem to build. At this point with very low liquidity I dont see how will reach stated goal of cross chain awareness. Please share more information on when/what to expect of benefits to holders? Please more involvement? Please more promotion through various channels - Twitter/discord? Please more engagement/promotion to key ethereum stakeholders? Please help shape/focus vision?


The product came as described, free mint + gas. No roadmap, just for fun and ‘awareness’. Their promises have been fulfilled, your descriptions are based on things other nft projects say and promise to grab cash from buyers, not this one, as they was very specific on their labelling, the deal here. I recommend chilling out on the topic, maybe scoop a couple you like - for fun, it’s a niche community thing for right now, and that’s it. :slight_smile:


We need a series of activities to stimulate users, drive mobility, strengthen holder welfare policies, interact with other successful projects, and attract institutions. We will cooperate with institutions to achieve market value. All of these require official planning and development.


Adding I think it does harm to ZEC and people purchasing to launch something without any real commitment/vision in hope others can do what ECC is not committed to. Hoping I’m wrong on this. Just hoping for more engagement. Volume is very low and would hate to see effort to date just graduallyfade into the dustbin.

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@000 I won’t post anymore on this and appreciate your opinion. My take is that I see now that ZEC is also a niche community thing and unfortunately I don’t see any real adoption happening. CZ could have helped drive adoption. Success of two are linked.

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Hey everyone :wave:

Minting for the Cypherpunk Reserve is now complete. You can view the Reserve on Opensea here. ECC will use the Reserve in future initiatives that advance Cypherpunk Zero, Zcash and privacy within the Web3 space.

On another note, I’m bummed to hear there are a couple folks who would like to see more from the project. As mentioned previously, ECC and the wider community have a number of things cooking + ways to get involved. Notably:

  • A grass roots effort to form a Cypherpunk Zero DAO .
  • Comics, giveaways and cross-chain activations.
  • The rise of CZ fan fiction making use of the project’s unique license. ICYMI, terms of use are modeled after those of BAYC (a permutation of CCO). We encourage and celebrate using your imagination + your CZ NFTs to help us expand the Cypherpunk Zero Creative Universe.


:woman_superhero: Good things take time. The story has yet to unfold, anon. Keep calm and build on :shield: :v:


I believe that the team will get better and better.

Hi everyone!

Looking to get community input on organizing a CZ NFT auction to raise funds to combat the disease ALS in honor of Hal Finney.

This idea is inspired by @cypherpunk_underground written story in which one of the protagonists is named Finney in honor of Cypherpunk Hal Finney.

Chosen ALS Charity:



the second punk, my bro :smirk:. While I was busy with my own affairs, he did a lot of business there


Auctioning CPZ 2136 aka “Finney” to raise funds to combat the disease ALS in honor of Cypherpunk Hal Finney.

Finney Character Written By @cypherpunkunderground

Highest ETH bid will go to the ALS Association.