🦸‍♀️ Cypherpunk Zero NFT Megathread

Sorry to be negative Nancy here Skier but you may have noticed already that ECC-ZF have had a fledgling effort to keep their primary life’s work (Zcash) out of the dustbin - let alone a side NFT project!

That topic aside @rosenthvl Cheers to completing the full collection mint, I’m reviewing all of the new Cypherpunks that created recently and there are many excellent new trait combinations


Hi @Skier5!

Have you joined the CZ DAO discord already?

IMO, your questions are good if considered from a more proactive stance given the nature of this space. So please join us and lets try to answer these questions together. Bootstrapping a cross chain community is not something that can be forced but rather emerges under the right circumstances, so we need to provide these and be vigilant.

Related quote Naval:

Persistence beats timing. Execution beats luck. Not immediately, but eventually.


@brocktakeshi You are what is needed for this project to be successful. I will join in near future, possibly under different name. Thanks for all your work and enthusiasm.


By no means can I bear the weight of being sole responsible for the success of a DAO :sweat_smile: Luckily its a collective with a very wide range of talent! And thank you for recognizing the work we are doing and see you at the discussions soon!


I know many of you see this purely as an investment and like other NFT projects (pump and dump usually), but it isnt and wasnt the intention of the people that launched it.

I really dont understand why ya’ll expect CPZ to be like other NFT projects? It literally has an ANTI-ROADMAP ROADMAP… Its great that there is a grassroots effort to create a DAO, but please stop expecting stuff from ECC. The CPZ is a side project of ECC. The main thing ECC are working on is to my knowledge, Zcash.

The CPZs are cool collectables… maybe we will get some exclusive perks in the future, maybe not.


Yo guys, relax. Just appreciate the art.

If we can promote Zcash and privacy along the way, that’s just extra.



If you own a Cypherpunk Zero NFT and want to help build we are actively looking for folks to fill key roles. Nows the time :zebra:

ps. Don’t forget to have fun :hearts:


I think CZNFT is the most potential blue chip.

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Here is how we use our CZ NFTs. Every CZaturday we publish a new episode of Cypherpunk Zero - Chronicles from the Future, to spread awareness about privacy, ZK-proofs technology and Zcash.

It’s simply fantastic that we can make any use of the NFTs we own, even commercial. With these free NFTs ECC has empowered the community bo build on these pieces of art. We choose to be active and propositive and use them the importance of privacy and the power that Zcash.


We need the official launch of continuous activities, which is the increase in trading volume and price.

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What kind of idea do you have? You should totally organize if you could


My organization is useless because I don’t have a large number of CZNFTs and ETH to operate, which requires official publicity.

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A good project needs a road map and planning. The goal must be clear, otherwise users don’t know the use of buying ,What is the practical use of buying CZNFT and what can I get, such as tokens, land, membership rights and interests, etc.


If holding a CZNFT can get 0.1ZEC airdrops per month, I think many people will be willing to join the list of holders, so that the price will continue to rise. This is the real value.


cznft is an anti-road map
The foundation doesn’t exist to raise your assets
If projects are made one by one,
I know the price, so I’ll follow it
If you can’t wait, sell cznft


Great idea. Who should fund this? Do you have any idea of how CZ NFT community could raise the fund? Or, do you want to fund this airdrop?

Well, it depends. I believe having more than 100 NFTs is large enough of a number. :slightly_smiling_face:


The terms lays out all the definitions but basically having bought an ECC CPZ NFT you own it and have free rights to display it as though you created it, for personal or commercial purposes. There are some details when it comes to websites displaying the image to ensure it is correct but it’s pretty straightforward.


A distinction of wordings I suppose, the NFT itself is not revocable so there ya go

I need to log in to the forum more often to stay up to date. I’m so late to the party lol. Please someone get me up to speed real quick… If I want a cznft I suppose I need to buy one from opensea?


This would be the quickest and the surest way to get it. And, you can pick which one do you want this way. :wink: