🦸‍♀️ Cypherpunk Zero NFT Megathread

Someone robbed us all. I lost NFTs to the hacker, as well. It’s devastating because it’s out of our control.
@squirrel is a hero for picking this up and trying to make it right — on his own time. He cares about the community and is excited to contribute where he can. If you have other ideas, we’d honestly love to hear them.

  1. It’s not that I don’t agree to create version 2
  2. Do you think it makes sense to reduce the number of nfts per wallet to create version 2?
  3. Are you telling me to understand the behavior that makes people who have made numerous deals fools?
  4. Are those words written on the site not written on the ecc, but less hackers?
  5. Although the nft rating may not be maintained, the number of nfts in the wallet must be preserved
  6. I’m very disappointed with the response after hacking
  • Protective measures for those who trusted the ecc should be the top priority,
    Does the ecc consider those who contributed to the community as their number one priority?

The number of nft per wallet must be preserved
8 per wallet is nonsense
Knowing this, did Tokidoki dispose of all the nfts?
Is it an insider’s preference?


Why impose a limit? The new NFTs should be distributed 1:1 compared to the existing collection.

If this is going to be a fair re-launch, the distribution of the original NFTs needs to be continued (otherwise this second version of the project would be functioning to subvert all of the original NFT collecting)

I didn’t even consider myself a serious collector, but after the mint and purchasing a handfull on OpenSea, even I’ve got quite a few more than 8.

Do you know why we aren’t able to repair the broken contract? NVM, Josh answered this, the key was lost within the ECC somewhere :frowning:

100% - I think that a fair relaunch with 1:1 to the soon to be abandoned collection is ideal, where exact traits/ rarity are preserved.

There was a master spreadsheet with all of the NFTs and all of their traits. Using that as the foundation for a newly launched collection would allow for a 1:1 relaunch (with exception being the hacked NFTs) where owners of the originals today would receive an exact copy of their NFT (with traits, rarity, et al preserved) in the new collection.

It wouldn’t be a trivial effort, but considering that a master spreadsheet exists that details the entire first collection, it is possible to maintain the fairness/ integrity in the new collection


josh and @squirrel, you can’t just ruin someone who bought 220 CZ NFTs and is likely a huge ZEC holder by completely ignoring the biggest holder. This would turn against you. The guy didn’t even buy after the hack, the collection was hacked as a result of his buying (the hacker noticed activity).

If the community ignores this guy, then personal holding of CZ NFT, even if there’s v2, means nothing. This is a strong precedence that shouldn’t become real.

You also can’t punish those who bought after the jac,


@joshs see my post^


also 8 nfts per wallet is insiders nonsense, pls don’t ruin v2 or whatever comes next like this



I think it would be best if we restart the CPZ collection on Ethereum and contact opensea and other NFT marketplaces where CPZ is currently listed to update the smart contract.
This should be done as soon as possible as the vulnerable NFTs can still be traded on these marketplaces and it will leave a bad taste if new members buy these NFTs and find out about the vulnerability later.
I think this would be the best and fairest way for everyone involved, and everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to claim their NFTs or not.
Everyone would bear the gas costs for using the NFT claim website themselves.

My plan would be as follows.

  • create a new smart contract with a exact copy of the CPZ NFT’s.
  • create a claim website where current holders can claim their NFT’s and leave it open for 365 days.
  • contact NFT marketplaces to update the smart contract on their marketplace site.

I would be willing to implement this and bear the costs if nobody else is willing to do it and if the community agrees with this path going forward.

Please let me know if this is suitable for you all and contact me to discuss further steps and timeline.

E-mail: zcashforum.refold874@passmail.net

Best regards,


It is not out of your control! it cost very little effort to launch a new smart contract and contact marketplace sites to update to the new smart contract! You just dont want anything to do with this project anymore! And @squirrel is also not a hero! He keep ignoring community concerns and just proceed with his own vision for the project. You act like hes a hero because you are happy someone takes the project off you. I see zero accountability from ECC for this project. Also call it cypherpunk zero DAO is the greatest joke i have ever heard of. There was not a single vote for community members how they want proceed going forward. If the community want to stay on ETH or move somewhere else. It was just decided behind closed doors! If you really would care about the community you would do a coin weighted vote for holders. But the CPZ twitter went silent since december 2023.
ZCash leaders and developers continue to be corrupt but acting like they are one of the good guys.
You are everything what is wrong in crypto! You are not any beter for crypto then SBF or Do Kwon or any of the bad actors in crypto. No wonder everyone abandoned zcash a long time ago. First slowly then all at once!


Highly supportive of relaunching it as @saveCPZ says. + ECC should NOT claim their stash of 2000 NFTs, reducing the supply, 365 days for current holders to claim the new NFTs and then close.

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Hey folks. For those interested in re-issuing the CZ NFTs, yesterday while @str4d, @daira, @arya2, @sean and I were working on ZIP 231: Initial draft by str4d · Pull Request #824 · zcash/zips · GitHub it occurred to me that the new, extended memo functionality, combined with the “authenticated reply-to address” feature that it supports, will make it possible to essentially issue ordinals on the base ZEC chain. So that might be something that this effort would want to consider.


@joshs please, don’t let CZ NFT to be ruined, there should be at least some focus to figure out this mess, but none of that should say F*off to holders. It can be redeployed as @saveCPZ mentions where current holders can claim the NFT and leave it open for the limited transition period.


Hi @nuttycom, I am curious about whether “essentially issue ordinals” here means (1) issuing something akin to an NFT (like an ordinal inscription); OR (2) supporting something akin to the tracking of satoshis from inception like the ordinal conventions do? I have always assume that the later is not possible with Zcash due to shielding (and that this is a good thing, because the ordinal conventions can be seen as an attack on fungibility).


The ordinal convention is essentially what I’m talking about here - the extended memo functionality, along with authenticated reply-to (a proof of the association between inputs and an output) can be used to implement an ordinals convention where the shielded protocol is used to provide a public trace of ownership that can be verified by wallets obeying the convention, but that don’t necessarily leak anything but a shielded diversified address for each step. The design space here is pretty open - just like Bitcoin ordinals are an essentially arbitrary convention layered atop the base protocol, a similar convention is available here.

The combination of extended memos with ZSAs (which can provide protocol-level NFT functionality) also gets interesting.


All current holders shouldn’t be fcked over, especially the guy that bought $60k or lol, probably also a huge ZEC holder (current biggest holder of CZ NFT, holding 220 NFTs). @joshs


this guy, biggest personal holder of CZ NFT. If u f with your biggest holders, it’s not gonna end well for CZ NFT (and ZEC).