Dagger.io for CI/CD now supports better Rust SDKs


Just got off a community call with Dagger.io and was happy to hear the Rust sdk (https://github.com/kjuulh/talks/blob/main/2023-08-06-rust-sdk-updates/rust-sdk-updates.md) is finally moving forward outside of the betaish wheelhouse . https://dagger.io/

There is also support for Golang, Python, Typescript etc but anyway… this is a solution I thought @str4d @daira might enjoy because it finally provides an actual infra as code tool outside of the yaml fluff that many CI/CD systems use. @conradoplg Might find this interesting, but I don’t know who does CI/CD at the foundation anymore. I do recall we met a few months ago discussing updates to the foundations CI/CD system (totally forgot to reschedule meeting for further discussions, but I had a stroke literally so cache miss :laughing:). Not sure where that is at, but perhaps this can easily shim in since everyone is using docker and chain volumes more or less.

In some of the more mature versions(golang, python) you get parallel pipelines, cacheing, docker, and many other great tools but again it’s actually code not yaml :grinning:. Might be fairly close to older buildbot flows, but you can also run it local :star_struck:.

Cheers! Hope folks are doing well. Keep up the privacy fight :muscle: :mechanical_arm: