Deposit to Poloniex problem

Dear friends, I have mined 0.1 zec and sent it to zec wallet on poloniex. 1.5 days now,funds are not deposited as yet. What could be the problem? Thank you very much! Here is transaction ID :

Are you mining on flypool? They’ve sent my last 0.01 ZEC to 1177 people with me. Which means, a million confirmations needed. I’ve changed to mph again, immediately :smiley:

In your case, its 482 addresses.

I saw that doesn’t work deposit and withdrawals from 22 when they’ve updated cold storage

Hi! Yes I did it through flypool. What pool would you recommend,so that it does not happen again?


I’ve done very small cashouts from before. And they’ve sent fast(max 1h). And miningpoolhub provides more information, and also you’re not mining directly to your wallet so, you can see, analyze earnings better. It supports auto exchange, or one algo, multiple coin switching which I’ve used before.

Did it finally make it to polo? The one with million confirmations :slight_smile:

No :smiley: I will see in next days.

The one with 496 destination addresses has just arrived, After 1 day and 4 hours, with 1480 confirmations. Still waiting for the 1177 one, and I don’t think it needs a million+ confirmations :smile: I’ve read that the verification cost of a transaction is “roughly proportional to the square of the number of transparent inputs”. And seen one, with 2 transparent inputs before, it needed 8 confirmations. And I was expecting a lot more than a million. It seems like, for bigger values, it needs lesser in their formula.

Edit: Surprisingly it has take less time, and 991 confirmations.