Poloniex wallet issues

Poloniex deposits keep stuck on pending 1 to 8 .

Support says ZEC has a problematic wallet and they are working on it.

My guess ? Market Manipulation.

Anybody else have issues ?

Yes - although having issues withdrawing ZEC and raised a support ticket to try and get it resolved.

weird that only they have issues with the wallet ..........no issues whatso ever with my trezor / zec wallet

I just opened a ticket as well.. Deposit never credited of even showed up at all.

it's credited here, sold it quickly for BTC and withdrew......don't know about Polo, get a nasty smell ........ and there are more issues when you google.....carefull with funds there

They seem to be a bit slow answering tickets... 5 hours so far and getting nowhere fast.

I know people have given Genesis Mining a battering recently, but I raised a support ticket and got a response within 14 minutes.. Quite impressed with that!

I've been happy with Poloniex support in the past. Maybe bear in mind that the entire market has 'heated up' of late - any issue on their side is going to be magnified with it effecting so many more people than usual.

one thing to think of is the active users per exchange
since the fall of few big western exchanges polo has exploded per say
when i first started trading there in 2014 ud see maybe 2-3k ppl online at peak hours
right now theres 10k+ ppl trading
i see stuff about wallet issues from time to time but the only thing ive ever exp was when the bitcoin blockchain was getting spammed with microtransactions, which wasnt their problem