ZCash deposits to Poloniex from Flypool

Is any one else missing deposits from fly pool ?

No deposits since 5PM 12/31/17

Hi, i have same problem. All payments since 00.00 today (01.01.2018) are not deposited to poloniex wallet. They are shown in zcash network as successful transactions

It’s not a good idea to set payouts to be directly to an exchange from mining, you may get throttled, and the payments processed one per day.

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I mine to my freewallet and from there send it to poloniex but poloniex is not so good if you are scraping because all the hipped up cryptos arent listed. Binance looks good but i am still waiting to verify my accnt so dont know how good it will be.

What @Immrspy said is correct, mining directly to an exchange is never a good idea, you can, but not good. If you are, make sure you are only doing one deposit per 24 per day. You can adjust your payout on flypool to insure this happens.

BTW its taking polo about 5 to 7 hours to clear Zcash deposits.

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…And yes, the exchanges can tell when you send from a pool. The incoming TXID will have your wallet and the thousands of other people receiving payout in them. These are very large transaction files and will get noticed. Especially Poloniex, the exchanges eventually will flag and suspend your account for it since the EULA specifically says you will not use the exchange wallets for mining deposits.

Go get yourself setup with Zcash4win wallet.

I had 2 missing payments from flypool. I switched back to sushpool, they make take longer to verify but I get a lot more shares from them.