Dev wanted to work on Zcash-based projects

Hello :wave:

I’d really love to work on a project outside of the 9-5 daily grind and have two ideas in mind that can use Zcash. They could use any cryptocurrency, but I’m here for a reason. I love Zcash.

I’m a designer with over 20 years experience in the tech industry. I have ideas, can create designs and click-through prototypes when it comes to product. When it comes to project management, I can write spec documents. When it comes to marketing, I’m adept with social media, can make marketing materials, create basic websites, etc.

What I can’t do is code stuff - an important part of making anything. So, I would love to team up with one or multiple devs to make something cool. If this is you; keep reading.

Idea 1: A browser extension for Chromium browsers to donate money to websites you visit.

I picture this as being a Zcash wallet in the browser. In a similar style to MetaMask, but it would check each domain visited for a tag in the header of the site that contains a Zcash address. If found, the extension logs time spent on this site against this address.

At the end of each month, a predetermined amount of Zcash would be distributed to the sites collected. This could either use t-addresses, or z-addresses - which may be useful for rewarding sites that you browse in your private tabs. :eyes:

If you are familiar with Brave Rewards, it’s that. But not centralised to Brave… who make content publishers sign up with them, take money and hold it for up to three months, and own the whole chain.

The development of this would mean that the same functionality is available to users of any Chromium browser (ie, Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge) and website owners could claim their earnings by simply updating the header code in their own website.

Side note: Might need integration with a third-party service to allow users to “top up” their balance with a credit/debit card.

Idea 2: A human-focused lightweight wallet for iPhone or Android, focused on friends and bill-splitting.

Would love to create a mobile wallet which has a very user-friendly interface - focused on being able to send money to your friends - ala CashApp, but powered by Zcash.

Would love to have a way of being able to tread that line of enabling private payments over z-addresses whilst having a locally stored visual reference to who that person is - so you send the contact ‘Mom’ instead of a long t-or-z-address.

Side note: Might need integration with a third-party service to allow users to “top up” their balance with a credit/debit card.


For both ideas, I’m not looking to make millions from these ideas. However, I would love for each app to have either opt-in or opt-out options when sending a transaction to donate to the team making the app. An option that reads “Donate $1 to the development of this app” checkbox in the hope that keen users are kind enough to keep it checked.


If you have any feedback on the ideas above, or would like to actually help me make them, that would be great. Let me know. :blush:

Otherwise I’m going to do the branding and UI for them myself and sit look at the mocks in 2 years time, wishing I actually made them.


Hey :wave: @egg welcome to the forums! Some great ideas

We have a few independent teams working on mobile wallets, you might have a look at them and see if you might be interested in using some of their stuff to make yours. Or perhaps team up with them and their wallets better :slightly_smiling_face:

ZecWallet (T and Z) :
Nighthawk wallet:

Both teams are here on the forums @NighthawkWallet and @adityapk00

As far as a browser extension goes I believe @str4d had a proof of concept shown at Zcon (?) one year (not sure where the code is)


Hello @egg Welcome and thanks for sharing your ideas.

I’d like to brainstorm your ideas from a developer perspective. Please DM me to connect.


this ? GitHub - str4d/zcon1-demo-wasm


Great info. Thanks @Shawn :pray:

And, @aiyadt - I’ll drop you a DM very soon. :blush:


hi egg! i’d be super interested in checking out your portfolio of previous work too!

post it here or dm me perhaps?


Hello @egg !
Last year there was a Gitcoin hackathon on Zcash. Several projects were carried on by teams or individual devs.

The ECC Wallet team chimed in (for the honor, not the prizes) with a Project Called Zircles.
We envisioned an app that used Viewing Keys to let people create saving Circles for common activities, like a weekend with friends or a not so small get-together, etc.

Also, Last week I did a small workshop on a Point Of Sale App called “We accept Zcash!” which consists on a small app that can import a viewing key and sync the chain and receive payments with no spending authority.

All of these applications use the Zcash mobile SDKs.

Something REALLY MEANINGFUL you could do, is to carry on with the React Native Bridge PoC we hacked some time ago. Kevin did a tremendous job at figuring it out for Android, I must shamefully admit that I totally failed at it on the iOS side.

This effort would really drive shielded Zcash adoption on React Native multi coin wallets which are quite a few! (probably most exchange wallets are)

Welcome! have fun!


Thanks for all the detailed responses, everyone. I had a very productive conversation with @aiyadt and I’ll see how I can help with the work they are pursuing.

@holmesworcester My LinkedIn profile has all my best and worst career choices listed but a summary is that I started working in a multi-disciplinary agency in 2001, working primarily on print and branding and events for some big-name clients. Then moved into web design and front-end development at a few smaller agencies, before spending the last 10 years of my career at software companies in Norway; marketing deprtment in Opera and product work at Microsoft.

This means my portfolio is all over the place. It’s hard to showcase work without talking through it - the biggest successes to me are the numbers we turned over - not necessarily the pixels. And so here’s some screens that might mean nothing unless I talked over it.