Zcash wallet (simple)

Hi, there.
Looks like an interesting project in this crypto exiting times.
Could you please give a tip how to get(in a simple way) an zcash address.
Thanks and all best!


same with you , I am also looking for a wallet to zcash.

Check out the guide to get the public alpha running

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There are now some simple scripts that can be used as a basic “wallet” :slight_smile:

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This is an old thread but the idea is still pretty relevant IMO. I’m just getting my mind around all the stuff related to crypto currencies and this is definitely a question I had as soon as I setup zcashd on my linux box.

I recently started using Jaxx (https://jaxx.io/) and so far I’m pretty impressed. It works on a lot of platforms, supports a lot of crypto currencies, and is SUPER easy to use. Support for ZEC isn’t in the IOS version yet, but you can use it in Chrome and sync the wallet across other devices using the backup phrase feature of the wallet. So if you add your ZEC in Chrome then you’ll be able to sync to your IOS devices once that platform supports ZEC.

I hope this helps someone!

Go for a secure and simple wallet at www.bittrex.com. Create a new account there and you can get a wallet of all the crypto currency that exist on planet simply with a click!

I can recommend Freewallet undefined - they have a nice Android app.
Our instant exchange service http://Changelly.com has partnered with a Freewallet. That lets you simply buy Zcash for Bitcoin or any other crypto right in your wallet account.

Freewallet has no source on Github or anywhere else that I can find.