Zcash4mac: private transactions without the command-line

zcash4mac is a 100% GUI, signed Mac App that @zab and I have been working on. It bundles my Mac port of zcashd, the ZCashSwingUI wallet by @vaklinov with Mac-specific customizations by @zab, the needed jre, downloads the proving key via the GUI, creates the config file if you haven’t ever run zcash on your mac (and respects the one you have if you’ve been running my command-line Mac port!), and verifies the proving key on each launch.

Get it now at: https://zcash4mac.com


David Mercer
Tucson, AZ

Donations in BTC to: 1LiLnWfLP3fuxK1jws3PjZf7Lfzn6kuhTy
Fiat donations to my email above
ZEC addresses for donations to myself and @vaklinov are in the addressbook for zcash4mac


Great work! Please keep working on this project.
I’ll donate you later to ZEC addr.

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Thanks! @zab, @vaklinov and I are all continuing to improve the various components of this, and we hope to bring it to Windows soon.

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Way to go, folks! :relaxed: I’m so happy to see volunteer, open source contributions from people who have no financial dependence on the company and are not in any way under the company’s authority.

Also, without this, there would not yet be a full-node Zcash GUI for Macintosh users!

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and the zcash4mac.com website is DOWN right now…trying to get it back up…billing issues

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Its up again…but it IS almost the time of month where my hosting bill for AWS, where I host all the downloads of builds of my Zcash builds, the proving keys for download via the Amazon CloudFront CDN, etc is due. So please send donations of any size to help out and defray those costs!


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Still struggling with this. I’ve generated z and t addresses. I have a miner that is mining to one of them. The ZCash block explorer shows the balance at the address I’m mining to.

All good, except ZCash4Mac doesn’t reflect any balance. I’ve shut down and restarted it a few times but no luck. It still shows a zero balance. Any ideas?

Shut down the gui, and try rescanning the blockchain manually in the Terminal with this command:
/Applications/zcash4mac.app/Contents/Java/zcashd -rescan -daemon=0 -showmetics=1

After that finishes the rescan and it caught up, exit it with control-c and restart zcash4mac

Boom. Fixed. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Glad that worked… zcash-cli is also at that same path if you ever
need/want to run commands not supported by the GUI

Hey David, is it possible to change default blockchain location dir (users/user/library/application support/zcash) to another, preferably on external drive ?
Over 10 Gigs of blockchain on local ssd is too much for me