When is z-addr on mobile going to happen?

IMO this is the highest priority issue for Zcash right now. Until it happens, Zcash on mobile is just BCH or LTC or something like that.

Currently you need a full node to do a shielded transaction. What about some kind of light client/wallet on mobile that facilitates a secure connection to your home server/node that does the actual transaction? The only other alternative is to have a full node on your phone, right? Something which is not necessarily crazy considering how much storage phones have these days wrt to the current blockchain size.

Then there’s the political side too… if we want it on iOS, that requires Apple’s blessing. Anyone know if discussions about that have been going on?

hmm let me see if I can find anyone from apple to ask about it. and more generally their process around publishing crypto wallets on iOS.

These guys are working on it. first version for android only, but supporting z addresses.

It’s supposed to take 3-4 months.

Sapling update is going to happend Q3 2018, so Fall-Winter next year we are going to have some solid mobile apps. I believe z-addresses are going to be mandatory, I’ve read it here: https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2017Q4/files/1364373/CryptoLUX_Zcash_grant_proposal.pdf

Does anyone have any idea how this is going to impact hardware wallet storage? I keep all of my ZEC on a Trezor in t-addresses at the moment. Has there been any discussion you’ve seen about how this will be handled post-Sapling release? I will admit, I don’t have a good understanding regarding the scale of effort required to add this kind of support when the time is right.