Difficulty Rising


would appreciate to see you go forward instead of staying still where you are now…


it just seems that way because everything else is in so much more of a hurry


what we have to do is to buy more ASICs from asic manufacturers to keep our profit


Nobody can prevent a fork, but miners are a subset of users who are motivated by profit and will back the most popular chain out of self interest like they did with BTC over BCH. You’re absolutely right about ZEC forks being a possible outcome, but Ethereum Classic comes to mind as one that didn’t have a long term negative effect on Ethereum’s price.

It’s true that miners can and will do this (XMR/XMC as another example) if they have sufficient incentive to do so. If Zcash ever attempts to phase out ASICs entirely than a contentious fork will be a certain outcome, because owners of Equihash ASICs have little or no choice in the matter. However, that coin could plummet in value and eventually the ASIC miners would no longer be able to profitably sustain their mining leading to the forks eventual demise. That’s what I mean when I say users have more power over ZEC than miners in the long run, but that assumes that the majority of Zcash users are not also ASIC miners.


This is a horrible idea.