Difficulty Rising


@vgm I would have to sell off at the very least to cover electricity costs but i prob could get away with holding most of the mined coins… Im really glad to hear you say you think ill ROI because i was just starting to feel really horrible about everything because like i said up until this point every move I’ve made has just seemed like a mistake… If you don’t mind me asking how do you cool your asics? Before i dumped my GPU’s I had them in a grow tent with 2 10" fans one for intake and one for exhaust is it possible to put asics in the same setup with a shelving unit to hold them all?


That should be sufficient, I have 2 6" fans both exhausting from my cellar at the moment due to the heat outside, but I’ll be reversing one for intake as soon as the weather cools down here. All the ASICs are on 1 shelving unit spaced out 3-2-3-2 and there’s definitely room for more with 1 shelf entirely unoccupied. Ambient for the cellar is usually around 35-37C and the ASICs are all 69-71C max, which is fine but it should still drop substantially come this winter.


@vgm Well thats good to hear… Do you think i could put my 9 asics all in one tent without their being an issue? where my air intake is located it is constantly in the shade… But i expect once winter gets here temps should be even lower… What are safe temps for asics? I’ve only ever used GPU’s to mine and i kept mine at 65C or below…


You should be able to put all 9 in your tent as long as the Z9’s aren’t substantially bigger than the A9’s. Having never ordered an ASIC before, I was surprised by how small they are. They’re also extremely loud if you’re using the provided power supply, but you can use any ATX psu’s you already have as long as they’re 750W+.

The manual says operating temperature is 0-85C, but I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with anything over 73-74C. They’re never going to run as cool as a GPU, but I’ve heard of some people on bitcointalk burning out their Z9 minis running them in the 80s.


@vgm I ended up purchasing the power supplies with the asics from bitmain… Would you say the psu’s are louder than the asics themselves? noise really isn’t all that much of a concern because the room they will be in is my basement…and all the walls are made of concrete i had a hell of a time drilling for 10" vents when i installed my fans originally…


@vgm do you mean chip temp or pcb temp?

@hannibal the AWP3++ power supply is really loud, mine at least

first answer to the linked threat says he got an official answer from Bitmain:


@Uche32 I ended up getting the APW7’s not the 3s wonder if their is any difference in noise levels…


I have 2 APW3++ and they aren’t noisier than the miners they power.


+1, no worries, it will happen more soon than late as it’s the only possible option with the huge increase of hashpower everywhere…


great. my everyday luck I guess…


@Hannibal The psu’s are way louder than the ASICs, but my psu’s are from Innosilicon so Bitmain’s could be different. You don’t have to use the provided power supplies though as any ATX psu will do as long as it’s rated high enough and it has enough pci-e cables. I’m using some EVGA G2+ 1000 psu’s I had already and they work fine.

@Uche32 Chip temp.

This thread has really gotten off topic, so I think I’ll create another one for the discussion of cooling and noise levels.

In other news, network difficulty hit another new high yesterday with a daily average of 17.6M, up from 16.4M and 15.4M in the preceding two days.


It doesn’t matter soon the only miners making any money mining will be the big Chinese farms you know centralized mining just how the zcash team wants it
And what’s funny is you hear asic will eventually take over so what’s the point well monero not only is fighting asic but are working on rendering fpga’s useless wow isnt that amazing


They should make it so Nvidia cards can mine as efficiently if they want more decentralization.


Well, difficulty is now averaging about 18M with plenty of spikes above 20M, and any dips back down towards 15M have been extremely short in duration. This is almost certainly due to batch 2 of the Z9 minis coming online. We won’t know the full effect of the new shipments until the end of September, but at this rate I would anticipate an average difficulty of around 25-26M by the end of the month.


@vgm How high would you say difficulty would have to reach before seeing a massive hit to what the asics mine each month?


It’s directly proportional, so a 25% jump in network difficulty should result in 25% less ZEC mined, give or take. You would see a ~50% drop in mining revenue if the network hashrate doubles.

Try this calculator for making your revenue projections: http://www.mycryptobuddy.com/ZCashMiningCalculator

You can adjust the monthly change in difficulty to get a more accurate revenue projection for the next 12 months. I estimated an average growth of 25-30% per month when I first decided to purchase ASICs and it’s been a good estimate so far.


Just to follow up on my post 3 days ago about my supplier letting me know the Innosilicon A9’s are in short supply. The Innosilicon website is now listing the A9 as sold out, so obviously my supplier was correct and my information was true and accurate. I’m only bringing this up because I was accused of spreading “FUD”, which I can assure anyone on this site that I will never do.



It sure would be nice if these ASIC manufacturers would respect their customers even a little bit by not releasing more than 1 batch per month and in more limited quantities. Their reputations will only get worse as long as they spam miners and premine. They need to do this right. What other algorithm are they going to build ASICs to mine? There are no major ones left that will not fork if they try.


Is it possible for them to try and build an X16R asic for say ravencoin? or do you think they would fork almost immediately?


Asic manufactures just want to make money as fast as possible, that’s what they care