“Disconnected” ywallet ycash chain

Don’t get this issue with ZEC side.

First time I noticed “disconnected,” I just ignored, and forgot about it. Fixed itself, I guess.

Got the disconnected error again. ZEC keeps current.

Been using ywallet for about a year. Got this issue twice in last week.

Rescan doesn’t help. All ycash wallets disconnected.

Is this a known issue?

Sounds like the Ycash lightwalletd server you are using is not available?

I just synced mine, no problems.

Yeah, it’s fixed and synced now for me. Just haven’t had this happen until this week. Shrugs

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FYI, the wallet tries to contact the server and sync every 15s.
If you want to initiate the synchronization immediately, tap on the sync status.

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Hello disconnected my old friend.

Changed server from auto to litewallet and no luck.

I’ll just reinstall, more just making you aware.

It is not an issue with the wallet. The servers have had some downtime lately.


Thank you for identifying the issue for me.