ZECWallet Lite stuck, won't send

ZEC wallet lite V1.8.8 on Android 13 stuck on “Computing Transaction” won’t send. Please help!

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I think you have to import your keys to Ywallet.

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Would you mind sharing how to go about doing that?

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Download Ywallet, select Zcash, and then enter your private key or seed. I recommend turning off the internet and ensuring that you are using a safe keyboard on your mobile while entering your private key/seed or copying. Some unofficial keyboards may transmit your typing data or what you copy/paste.

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Great, thank you. I wonder what happened to Zec wallet.

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Zecwallet developer it currently not able to maintain the repo, last update for Zecwallet Lite was back in september after NU5. Zecwallet Full node has received an update since then so ZWL may yet be updated again, will keep an eye on it

Is there another wallet that I can import my funds into? That’s really kind of like to have access to that cash. I’m presently using y cash but it seems to have a difficulty importing it

If you’re funds are held in a subsequently generated address i.e. not in one of the default t,z,u addys then if it is a sapling address and you have the private key then you can simply import the private key. Otherwise if it’s in a orchard address and/or have only the seed then with Ywallet you can regain spend authority with the sub account option. This is the equivalent of creating a new address in zecwallet lite, it creates a new private key whereas normally in Ywallet that is disallowed because it adds extra computational work and allows for total restoral of funds with the single seed import. The Ywallet subcount option is the bypass on this. It’s recommended only for this specific problem of restoring and depending on how deep in the zecwallet light instance the funds are e.g. how many addresses made and which in particular holds the funds will determine how many sub accounts you need to create.

In the Ywallet account page long press the ‘+’ button and it will show you various options including sub account

my zec wallet lite is showing a server error when i try to open it. Anyone else getting this?

Apparently Zec wallet light is no longer supported. I had to switch over to y cash wallet, and import my zcash into it, and then I was able to transfer it off of the phone that I was trying to remove it from.

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Thanks! i tried to run a full node and

  1. microsoft defender flags it as an unrecognized app. this seems like a bigger issue than it needs to be. why not get it approved?

  2. just says “loading…” it’s been around 15-20 min. does it work? something to let the user know where they are in the process so they don’t feel lost would help. and if it’s not working let user know “loading failed”

overall user experience is not great. i don’t like the idea of using another coins app such as Y cash.

You could potentially switch the node server and see if you get better results. Zecwallet full node initial download will take many days and store >230 GB and growing on your disc as the blockchain data. There is no progress indicator but as stated you can tail the debug.log file to see roundabout where its at.