Discourse plug-ins request

I have a feeling we have had this conversation before, but I couldn’t find it.

@shawn can we get these plug ins and start to use them?

I am not sure which are enterprise though. It might be worth emailing them to find out how much extra it costs.

Github - https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-github/99895

Mainly for governance zips, maybe mgrc stuff too. We have set the president of using the forums as a first stop for governance. This plug in should make sure that the github references back to the forums.

(The update to 1014 was only posted as a github link in another thread. im going through the update and pulling relevant bits out for a post.)

encrypt PM’s - https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-encrypt-for-private-messages/107918

This is just good.

discourse translator - https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-translator/32630

I know this is enterprise, but i really like it. it gives us our own dictionary to customise and will allow seamless chatting in the now expanded russian and spanish parts of the forums. (nice one @artkor @yoditar)

I think ppl said before just to use google translate or a plug in for chrome/firefox etc. but I value having a standard translation dictionary we can tweak or at least know the regular errors.

Can we find out how much extra this costs please.

calendar - https://www.discourse.org/plugins/calendar.html

another enterprise one.

for milestones, pull requests, events, etc. Although I’m not 100% sure if it uses one calendar as the base, so all events of that type are shown, or you make a new one every time.

if these are somethings we might add then i dont mind spending a few hours going over the total functionality and writing a small guide on it.

i guess it comes down to cost, its just some thoughts, cheers.


We currently have the “Business” level Discourse, which only supports some plugins:

Do you know if we can implement our own custom plugins? I’d really like to experiment with something that’s like “opt-in” moderation, where you can change how you want to see flagged/reported posts according to your preference.

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Yes, we can do custom plugins and enable them manually.

An example plugin I already added is the MathJax plugin to display equations:


Just need someone with the skillz: https://meta.discourse.org/t/beginners-guide-to-creating-discourse-plugins-part-1/30515


whats the chances of getting enterprise? they say email for a price. we dont really need the extra bandwidth, but a couple of the plugins look good. I couldn’t see if encrypt and github were part of enterprise or not.

i only really want the translate one.