Forum member options

I have been a member in many forums , and most of them have the option of hiding unwanted member’s posts .
for example if I see a member who’s posts are usually not interesting to read , or doesn’t add any value to me , I have the ability to click on his name and choose to hide his posts so that I don’t see it .

is there such option available in this forum and if there isn’t , is there a chance that we could have this option .

I hope you do realize how important it is .


Seeing the mess that is the Price Speculation thread I agree that this is a very important feature


As the forum is growing , i feel the need for this option to be added in the forum.
So , once again i am appealing to the mods of the forum to enable such a plugin if it exists.

Thank you for your work.

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It is a good idea to give users the option to hide posts they do not wish to see and to mute users of their choice.


I looked into this. The only supported option in Discourse is muting notifications and PMs from users. The theory of discourse devs is that in a forum setting, if a user is causing issues for one person, they’re probably causing issues for others and it should be handled by mods. And I guess they’re of the mindset that muting based on simply disagreeing with viewpoints creates echo chambers so they didn’t implement anything in the forum proper.

Not saying I agree or disagree… but that’s the status of the software. Might be worth bringing up in