Please enable "online" feature

Could you guys please consider enabling the “whos online” feature Discourse has?
imo is a nice feature to have, and could help build community feel.

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That’s not very ZEC-ish, lol. Privacy, privacy …


Thought about that as well, but this is the community forum. I dont mind…maybe others will. I guess leave it up to everyone was just an idea.

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Hmm, I checked out the plugin: Discourse Who's Online - plugin - Discourse Meta

I’m reluctant to install it without users being able to opt out.


maybe we could take poll and see what people think?

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I still can’t see a single benefit for this on a forum. While for sure there are some on live chats, live video conferences on such where immediate response is needed on a forum it’s a different story as someone just writes or answers or discusses a given thing just when he has time and not when others are online or available.

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I agree with @boxalex. I don’t think any visibility into users’ online status should be added unless they explicitly opt in. If there’s no mechanism to allow them to opt in, then it shouldn’t be done.


Agreed. Too bad this seems to be the case.

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