Do people think that CLI tools could be a little more friendly?

If you want people to adopt your blockchain solution, then maybe the command line tools could be a little friendlier.

There are a limited number of use cases:

  • I want to send someone zcash
  • I want to give someone an ID so they can send me zcash (and maybe label the ID for future reference)
  • I want to check my balance
  • I want to check my transaction history (and maybe check a transaction by label)

That’s basically it.

And these use-cases can be implemented as wrapper scripts. I honestly think this would improve adoption rates. Without simple tools, you end up with people setting up accounts with digital wallet providers, making them ripe for being scammed.

There was an interesting discussion with the developers about UX on the yesterday you should have a look at, in the #zcash channel.

Basically it comes down to resources, and the Zcash team is relying on the community to come up with better GUI implementations. @anon47418038 David is doing a fantastic job on this front, he already has a Mac version with GUI and will be releasing a Windows version soon.

In the meantime you can use the GUI wallet from @vaklinov GitHub - vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui: DEPRECATED: not to be used! - Desktop GUI Wallet for ZCash

fyi my Mac release at IS the Swing wallet by @vaklinov, enhanced by @zab and myself and integrated into a signed App on the Mac, with a full node setup of Zcash bundled into it, and all the proving key download handled in the GUI.

But the GUI itself is the same Java, we are all pulling source commits back and forth among the 3 of us! :slight_smile: