Do VMs limit performance?

Title. I’m looking to mine in hyper-v VMs, just so I can manage my host in a cleaner manner. Any reasons not to?

well if you passthrough the gpu it will only do stuff for that VM.
I don’t know if this is possible, but if it’s possible then no there aren’t any draw backs as far as I know.

I know that with VMWare there aren’t any performs loss or not that I could find

Do share with us if you manage to bypass the gpu to the vm. I’ve done some research couple of months back and it wasn’t possible at that point of time to perform the bypass in vmware Workstation. Hope you succeed!!

On VMware esx/esxi you can pass hardware directly for quest OS, if the host has required features (vt-d/vt-x)…

Virtualization adds allways bit overhead…

You can do this on Nutanix community edition. You can use Nutanix’s built in hypervisor (AHV) to passthrough gpu cards to the vm, but it may only work with certain cards from Nvidia.

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This is what I went with. thanks for the tip!