DontPanicBurns candidacy for ZOMG

Hello Zeal!

I would like to officially declare my candidacy for a on the ZOMG. As i stated last year, I believe in the philosophy behind privacy preserving technology and I believe in its potential in enterprise and business multiparty systems. The following was submitted last year for my candidacy and I look forward to seeing this experiment continue with improvements to zip1014!

The next few years will be an amazing journey for privacy, sustainability, and what it means to be a human in a digital first world. ZCash has the potential to change the future of the way people fundamentally interact with each other in real world and in the metaverse. The ZOMG is uniquely positioned to fund real contributions to this project and shape its future. This responsibility is not something i take lightly.

I have been a participant in the Zcash community in the rocket chat, telegram, and a lurker in this forum. I have been a member of the community governance panel since zcon zero and have actively participated in the process twice, I was also a participant of the latest powers of Tau ceremony, and I personally proposed the zeal as the mascot of Zcash (though I was in favor of secret squirrel) . I am comfortable in using this forum as the primary form of communication throughout this process and equally am open to z2z messages at: zs1ldx7mw3ekxvj7zqgjpv52lvtf22ecjsyqpadl298576lcsd6vv3rafuenyxll05z0yrxgf97awf

Professionally, I am an enterprise blockchain architect at a professional technology consulting firm and I focus on multi-party systems, conversational AI, digital Identity, and work on implementing zero-knowledge systems at scale. I have worked with distributed systems since the early 2000’s in the US military(leaving government service in 2009) and have worked publicly with “cryptocurrencies” since ~2014. I am currently a board member of the Ethereum Classic cooperative and participating member of the Ethereum Enterprise alliance.

My motivation for candidacy in the ZOMG is to advance projects which are legitimate in business purpose, technical aptitude, and are an advancement to the Zcash ecosystem. I am familiar with the needs and requirements of enterprise blockchain and security considerations. I understand that this is not a position to be entered for personal recognition or reward and promise to discharge the duties of the position with fairness, openness, and at the pleasure of the community. Zcash has been at the bleeding edge of distributed systems funding and I hope, by my participation, I am able to help advance this global social experiment.

The projects I am most looking forward to in the coming years: z2z messaging systems, privacy as a default on mainnet, more efficient systems being integrated to allow for light clients and full snark chain compression like Mina.


  • I am not financially or otherwise involved with the ECC or ZFND outside of my voluntary role in ceremonies previously listed.
  • I believe Major Grants SHOULD be restricted to furthering the Zcash cryptocurrency and its ecosystem (which is more specific than furthering financial privacy in general)
  • I will suspend my voting in the community governance panel while serving on the MGRC
  • I will abstain from voting on any grants for companies and organizations I am personally affiliated with

Thank you for your consideration. Party on.

Campaign website:


Hello! Great to see another applicant!

I did appreciate seeing you already think of conflict of interest back in 2020. With 2021, there is a full conflict of interest policy all members are obligated to however. Do you foresee it ever coming up due to either your employment/financial connections, or are you just being extra clear you’ll make sure it’s not an issue?

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I do not see it becoming an issue. No intentions from any group I associate with to submit grants have been mentioned.


Thanks for clarifying! Really appreciate it. Best of luck!

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