ZOMG Open Call for Candidates 2021

Are the ECC and the Foundation putting forward candidates like last year? Seems like a mistake not to imho. cc: @zooko @Dodger


For clarification, no I will not be throwing my hand back in, I DM’d the faculty back on Oct 15 stating that I was stepping off the roster.


Today is the last day to announce or re-confirm that you are running for ZOMG!



Hey, thanks for calling us out, Aristarchus!

We talked about this internally. We would absolutely love the opportunity to work with the other future ZOMG members, and to meet lots of developers who want to build on Zcash. However, we can’t afford the time commitment right now because all of us are focused on the commitments we’ve already made in pursuit of our North Star of building a world-class UX for ZEC.

[Brief digression: What is ECC up to nowadays?]

Currently, our priority is executing the Network Upgrade 5 (NU5) core protocol upgrade, in concert with a large and rapidly growing ecosystem of allies — wallets, exchanges, the Zcash Foundation, various ZOMG grant recipients, etc. — who make up the Zcash network. At the same time, we’re upgrading accompanying software such as our Wallet SDKs. Bundled together, we’re calling this product suite Halo Arc for Zcash.

Not everyone might know this, but NU5/Halo Arc is our biggest and most ambitious project yet! It will be the first deployment of an entirely new zero-knowledge proving system, Halo, which was the first discovery of trustless and recursive zero-knowledge proofs. Deploying it in Zcash will eliminate trusted setup and bring performance and privacy improvements. Additionally, it makes Zcash ready for future upgrades such as scalability enhancements and new zero-knowledge features such as Zcash Shielded Assets, and potentially other novel functionality.

On top of that, we think Halo will turn out to be a great foundational technology to enable Web3, and we hope to leverage it to make the ZEC coin a core component of the coming Web3 world, as indicated by our partnerships with Filecoin and Ethereum orgs and Agoric.

Not only that, but NU5/Halo Arc also heralds the launch of the Shielded By Default campaign and we’re trying to get all wallets and all exchanges that support ZEC to participate. The more of them do so, the more users around the world get the convenience of having ZEC available in all of their products and services, along with the unbeatable on-chain security of the Shielded Pool.

(A call to all Zcashers: Contact your favorite product or service that supports ZEC and ask them if they are ready for Shielded By Default!)

But all this is only the beginning! That’s just our deliverables for early 2022! Beyond that, we’re already hard at work figuring out the necessary tech, product, and marketing for our three year roadmap to move Zcash to proof-of-stake (based on the community’s clear signal of approval for that), build direct interoperation with other good Layer-1 blockchains, and implement our own specialized Zcash wallet.

Also, even though we’ve decided to prioritise all of the above over implementing ZSAs ourselves, we’re continuing to do product research around ZSAs in support of another team — perhaps QEDIT — who could build it.

Also there might be a few happy surprises coming out, along the way, along the lines of all of the above. :wink:

[End of brief digression]

Okay, so after talking it over, we currently don’t believe we have the capacity to serve on the ZOMG this time around.

Two more comments about ECC’s involvement with ZOMG:

First, even though we didn’t have a representative from ECC on the first ZOMG committee, our direct connections with the ZOMG members plus the high degree of transparency they practiced made it easy for us to track what they were doing. So I have no concerns about lack of transparency, assuming the next ZOMG behaves somewhat like the first one in that regard.

Second, even though we weren’t on the first ZOMG committee, we did contribute in a few ways, by meeting with people, introducing people to ZOMG, giving feedback on proposals, checking deliverables, chiming in on the forums, and so on. We expect to do that again.

Okay, thanks again for asking, Aristarchus. Even though we don’t have the capacity to sit on ZOMG ourselves this time around, we’re all quite enthusiastic about the next ZOMG and all the goodness that we expect to come out of it. :slight_smile:


Great post Zooko. At the risk of continuing an off topic convo, would ECC/ZF be able to provide the community a list of wallets, exchanges, and partners that are committed to shielded by default? I think this may be a good way to keep track of the shield by default campaign and allow zcashers to crowdsource their efforts at bugging partners to enable shielded by default strategies.

Also, it would be great to have a campaign website or something that keeps track of shielded versus non shielded traffic live. It could be similar to the let’s encrypt campaign for internet traffic. Framing it in comparison to internet traffic encryption may really get the point across and normalize encrypted blockchain transactions as something we can all be more familiar with (encrypted internet traffic). Maybe there’s somebody who wants to run a zomg grant to make a website like this?


The official list of candidates for ZOMG are:

  1. @wobbzz Wobbzz for ZOMG
  2. @kayabaNerve Luke Parker for ZOMG
  3. @Souptacular Hudson for ZOMG
  4. @aquietinvestor Jason McGee for ZOMG
  5. @dontpanicburns Dontpanicburns for ZOMG
  6. @aiyadt Aiyadt for ZOMG
  7. @BrunchTime Brunchtime for ZOMG

The next step is a December 15th Video call where the community can ask questions to these candidates:

  • On December 15th ZF will host an open community video call , inviting all candidates to participate and giving community members an opportunity to ask them questions directly. SIGN UP HERE

  • On December 20th ZF will open a Helios poll with the Zcash Community Advisory Panel to select five candidates to serve on the next ZOMG Committee.

  • Polling will close on December 31st


Yes. Updates will be made to Z.cash. Additionally, you’ll see a new campaign from ECC in early Jan.

However, it’s not inclusive of the traffic suggestion and think it’d be cool if someone did something like you suggest.


Sign up for the December 15 Candidates meeting here:



What a great line up! I’ve seen several of these candidates contributing positively in various ways to the Zcash community for a long time. I’m excited to see which 5 of these 7 the ZCAP elects and to get started working with them in the new year! :slight_smile:


Request for community questions!

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This says the call is at 8pm UTC/4pm EST, yet EST is -5. Despite listing UTC primarily, the actual Zoom time field is set to the declared EST time. Would it be possible to clarify which time is correct?


Corrected, thank you!

21:00-22:30 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
1 – 2:30 P.M. Pacific Time (PT)
2 – 3:30 P.M. Mountain Time (MT)
4 - 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time (ET)


I am unable to attend tomorrow’s Community Call due to holiday travel plans that were scheduled before the Zcash Foundation released its Revised Schedule For ZOMG Elections.

I am still running for ZOMG, and I will still push for the ZIP 1014-1 Amendment.

If you have any questions for me, please post them to my candidacy announcement thread.



Not sure this is the best thread — mods please feel free to move it to a better thread — but I just saw a new move from the Ethereum Foundation grant-making organization that I thought was interesting and we should consider empowering a future ZOMG to use. (It is a lot like the way the Zcash community of ZEC holders currently funds Zcash Foundation and Electric Coin Co!)


Hey Jason, if possible, please try to attend the ZOMG candidate call tomorrow, even for a short time, as there are clearly several outstanding concerns from the forum thread which could benefit being discussed over the call.


The outstanding issues are being resolved via this poll.


Mixing the 24 hour clock with the 12 hour clock scrambled my brain for a second there, I was reading the final 3 rows as an incorrectly numbered list!!



If you are referring to Mario who was helping Chris, he stepped back after one meeting.

The other person (ML) was added only after a person left (Sarah).

There has always been a max 5 voting members of ZOMG. If you want to increase the number to 7 then you should submit a ZIP amendment proposal like Jason is.


The December 15th ZOMG candidates call with @aiyadt @dontpanicburns @wobbzz @kayabaNerve is now up on YouTube: