Download the blockchain file

Here is a magnet link containing the whole blockchain untill 2018/09/17. Put the files in the Zcash folder to increase the speed of synchronization.


Nice. Is there a way to download and be up to date every hour to make statistical studies?


Yes, Zcash or ZEC as it’s known.

I’m talking about the official software released by the zcash company to make your statistical studies.
Having a full node would be the only safe way to make your calculations/assumptions.

downloading by torrent is absolutly not safe and unprofessional for such statistics…

Official Zcash software is only on Linux?
When official Zcash software is setup, could I make any statistics such as last 4 hours number of blocks gained by a given pool or …?

When a block is found the reward is sent as a shielded transaction so there is no actual way to figure that out.
Most pools share this information so you could grab data from all known pools to figure that out. Not 100% of blocks but almost all of them.

Many pools have API’s so that could be a start.
There also might be already someone grabbing are sharing such information (i’ll share such information if I happend to stumble upon it)

Block rewards are actually transparent transactions. However the receiving t-addr for the coinbase transaction must always send to a shielded address.

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