Download Blockchain takes hours

Hey there,

i just installed a fresh Ubuntu system and compiled zcash and started it.

My problem is that the blockchain download shows 467 blocks after 8 hours of downloading. :confused:

Does anyone have an idea for me on how i can speedup that process?

Testnet was reset to RC2 the latest block is 615 .

Type this
~/zcash/./src/zcash-cli getinfo

What block do you get ?
and on “connections” how many connections do you have ?

Sounds good so i am soon on last block :slight_smile: I have 3 connections. Hope the testpools will change to this blockchain so i can test mining. is mining on this chain. Suprnova is apparently still mining on a private testchain.

Thank you for this info :slight_smile: so what pool would you suggest? One of them alreasy support stratum for gpu miners when they are ready?

Here’s a mining pool list available: