Download zcash blockchain


Is there a link on a file share site / torrents etc where one can download a shared blockchain lets say till end of last year? Anyone share their blockchain?

Also, if anyone is using ZecQTWallet for Windows - any idea how to change blockchain download destination to other folder than C:?


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thanks…I used this to move the folder location…now just waiting for the blockchain to download!

You see I requested a transaction to my local wallet receiving address before the blockchain had finished downloading (its now at Dec 2016 state!) … so is there a web wallet where I could import the private key of the corresponding address to process the ZEC while I wait?

If it was a transparent address then you should be able to export the private key from ZecWallet and import it to a compatible wallet. I’ve personally never tried this on any service but I’d guess any wallet on here would likely offer that functionality (again only for transparent addresses)

thanks but you see desktop wallets require the blockchain to be downloaded even if I were to import the private key…I will try to see if Bitgo web wallet can do that.

Where can I find the PUBLIC key in ZecWallet to use on

Try Coinomi, Jaxx or Guarda as I’m sure they will all allow you to import a private key.

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@garethtdavies thanks for your quick responses!

Guarda worked perfectly!

I could import the key and transfer straight away.