Dropping shares on flypool.org


I am mining Zcash on flypool.org and I have noticed that my shares keeps dropping significantly per hour even with my sols/s averaged at 54 sols/s. And with an average of 52.5 H/s. However, whenever I restart the miner I get an average of 1000 shares per hour. In the next hour, the shares per hour drops significantly by 70% and keeps dropping further every other hour. A restart tends to fix this but restarting every hour is certainly not a solution nor the way forward. I am mining with Nvidia Gtx 970, Gtx 750ti and 6 cores from my core i7 processor.

Can anyone please help out?

Thank you in strong anticipation.

I forgot to mention. I am mining on windows 10.

Kindly assist.

The same thing for me:) Can’t explain why

Same here from 1000 shares down to 288 im on windows 7

I have noticed this as well. Looks like they started dropping off about around 5 hours ago. I am down to about 25% of where I was before.

I am hoping they made a change on the back-end where each share is worth more weight and not a true reduction of earning power.

I think they have adjusted minimum share difficulty. Thats why we start with much difficult shares right at the start.
although that means the miners which were crashing because of the difficult shares being incorrectly submitted will crash more and more :frowning:

The overall difficultyof the zcash network doubled today, from 45k to just above 90k. Wich means your shares going down 50% sounds just about right.

You want them back, buy more GPUs or improve the miner’s software.

Yeah, I was kind of suspecting that as my payouts seems to have been more stable, meaning they did not drop to 25% of what they were earlier.

I don’t quite agree with the change thing were each share is worth more weight. Reason being that anytime the miner is relaunched it bounces back to optimal performance in the first hour before dropping significantly in the next hour and subsequent ones.

If only the owner of the pool where here, he probably would have given us a better insight to our probe.

Yes, I was hoping for clarification from the pool representatives. I did have my miners running on a Windows script to restart them every 30 minutes, so it wasn’t due to the known miner slow down issues. The setup was basically the same on my end the entire time as I was at work for over two hours when the first big drop happened.

So it is down to either a change on the pool side of how they count shares or a sudden influx of new hash power to the pool within a very short amount of time.

Here is a screenshot during the time of the drop that I posted in another thread.

Hello people, my guess on why number of shares fall after time is because the pool uses variable difficulty. The miner gets “easy” lower difficulty share targets when we first connect to pool, as time goes the pool increases difficulty share target so number of shares that is submitted to pool decreases. However each share submitted has a higher weight (e.g. 50x shares of value 2 versus 100x shares of value 1).

Drop in earnings is relative to increase in network difficulty. (and pool size and pool stability… etc.)

I also found an other strange thing.
Yesterday my unpaid balance was 0,00832. Let my PC with GTX 1070 mine for 10 hour and my balance was 0,00145.
Is this also happening with you guys?

Did you received your payout? Default payout is at 0.01 zec.

We have increased the starting difficulty of our vardiff system to better match the average hashrate of our miners.

Please note that the number of submitted shares displayed on the pools interface does not at all influence your payments as it is not weighted by the share difficulty. It is normal that your share count starts high and continues to go down as vardiff adjusts your share difficulty. We will update our interface to make this more clear.

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Yep that was it. Sorry for the noob question. :open_mouth: I will turn on my ubuntu zcash wallet machine tonight.

Thanks for the update Peter. Was hoping it was something along these lines versus a sudden 75% reduction in valid shares.

The not weighting of the shares with the vardiff in the dashboard has caused literally hundreds of complaints in the flypool thread since day 1. It might be faster to fix that instead of having to reply to the same question over and over :wink:

@Peter, thanks for the clarification.