Share rate seems low

Hi noob here.

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me whether the accepted share rate should be related to hash rate. I’m currently getting about 150 shares per hour @ 685H/s on my newly built rig (on flypool ssl) but previously got 120 shares per hour @ 350H/s on my old rig.

Thanks in advance

If you are just starting after being down for a few weeks the difficulty to mine has skyrocketed. Also most pools require at least 24 to 48hrs to see an avg rate.

Hi Daniel. Yes been down for about 2 weeks sourcing parts and building the new rig. Has the difficulty changed that much since end of mid Feb? I can’t remember what it was back then.

As I understood zcash difficulty remains constant since it adjusts to the networks total hashing power. Surely then this punishes miners for having more hashing power. Doesn’t make economic sense to me.

Looks like I’ll have to hold on the zec for a long while. Thanks for the reply.