Dstm’s Zcash Cuda miner

If the downtime is minimal. Probably yes.

Yes - it does. Take whatever Sol/s it displays and subtract 2% and that is your true Sol/s. Then you have network latency of your pool connection which can also cause you to have less Sol/s on your pool.

I’ve done more testing and have found that Dstm is somewhat unstable on it’s own, but overall I get about 10-15 more Sol/s registered on Flypool averages than EWBF.

First Stable released!
Just remembering if you have difficulties with your mining stability or you need Telegram notifications, please try this script:

Please read instruction carefully. Do not forget to leave like and feedback. If you need help i’m always here to support.

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I tested your miner with same oc that EWBF’s miner and your miner is 4.1% faster on average with my 1070s. Good job keep it up :+1:

So I updated to version 0.5.3 and started getting zm.exe crashed messages. I run 7x1070 rigs (3 of them) with OC roughly +75/+630 and power limit around 65-75%. Intel G4400 and 4GB RAM. All three rigs crash within a day or so at different times. Sometimes I notice the Windows Antivirus has scanned sometime around when this happens.

Also have an old crap tower from circa 2012 with 2x1070 and a 1050ti running on it that doesn’t crash on the new miner version.

I’ve went back to 0.5.2 for the three main rigs as they’ll run just fine for as many days as I’ve tried. Anybody else getting more crashes with 0.5.3?

They just updated to version 0.5.4 perhaps that works better

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Version 0.5.4
fix: device selection
fix: latency reporting
add logfile support
add option to disable auto reconnect
handle disconnect periods in web/json stats
add basic GPU responsiveness infrastructure
ui: change timestamps to ISO 8601 format
webui: report: uptime contime server user port
json: report: uptime contime server user port version

Linux x64:
sha1 02816754ab46191109bed9f89f17c073000b0950

Win x64:
sha1 e4312b348a04348a6229b0098b7862a1306b0145


My script updated to support Dstm version 0.5.4.


do you plan to adapt your miner also to Bitcoin Gold ?

I start mining is better for my 5x GTX 1080Ti EWBF regular 3540/60sol/s now is minimum 3595 regular 3612sol/s great job

Please don’t pump a known scam.


Can we expect further speed optimizations and an optional or lowered dev fee?

Even the developer working on Bitcoin Gold called it scam …


yeah shore totally dev talk …like BTG address format stuff …like when a tech talks to a 15 years old “gamer” gaming on android

Feel free to contact them, make your account there, this is Zcash forum here no one care about your scam bitcoin Gold or mining mod clients for their …

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ohhh so thats the one who didt finished his work and now he is pissed of because he didt get the bounty LMFO …btw test net is running for 7 days test wallets are out there for aprox 3 days to test the sending and receiving all works OK … btw it isnt my B gold …but really thanks for all the flaming just for one question that has been adressed to the dev of DSTM at least i see what sort of people i dealing with on this forum

This is Zcash forum, here no one care about some other coins. Simple as is I know that test net is running, but not interested. Good luck with your coin, use link I did sent you, simple open issue and ask if starbuckBG will fork DSTM for you. Happy mining
For me is bitcoin gold scam.
I’m Zcash loyalist :woman_technologist:t2::pager:


sooo ??? if you thing you or anyone else can say me what should i ask and what i cant than you are wrong …if you dont care and others dont care so why the flames why you even replayed on that comment if you “dont care” so much … BTW i didnt invited you to anything you can stay with zchash i dont care i just wanted to know if DSTM miner will follow the EWBF and Claymore and add the B gold that it … noo need for hate or flames here . Just a simple advise if you or anyone else isnt interested in what i write dont replay see it is simple as that

I already did sent you link where you can raise your questions. And you can raise you questions here - that is for DSTM client [ANN] dstm's ZCash / Equihash Nvidia Miner v0.6.2 (Linux / Windows)
Conversation is over.
This is Zcash forum simple as that. Your questions are related to another currency feel free to raise your questions directly via links I did sent you.


It’s not just mentioning “other currencies” it’s mentioning known scams that can actually cause people harm. BCoinGold is a scam. By letting users know that we are preventing harm. Please take your toxicity elsewhere.