Early altcoin miner here looking for help

Hey everyone i use to mine the original script coins ages ago and these are the risers we used i feel old asking this but can these still be used on a RADEON R9 390 8GB?

I remember that we used these and then just supplied power from the power supply please provide insight if you can thank you!

Here is the other one i have the molex is connected to the pci 16x socket.

Yes, they can still be used but everyone has switched to USB risers that are safer.

How do you mean safer? and can the non powered one work still?

Everything works exactly like back in the day (Bitcoin mining / Litecoin / DRK etc). USB risers are data “only” from the PCI-E while they are powered by a molex adaptor and power is regulated on the board.

If you remember ribbons getting burnt out etc you will understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Yeah i don’t really understand the whole usb riser thing like where do you plug them in? and with the non powered one does it still work with the newer cards without being powered? since its 16x to 16x? cause i have like 10 of those lol

i was never mining with ether i sold my cards way before that so i have no idea about burning anything out.

USB risers are the x1 size but they plug into the bigger PCI_E slots. USB risers wont work without additional power.

16x to 16x should be fine they draw the load like the GPU is directly into the slot.

Thank you very much!

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what usb risers+mobo+cpu and psu combo would you recommend? Right now i´m using foxxcon A79A-S motherboard with pciex16 tox16 risers (just like above but without molex power). the am2 might also bottleneck the performance? I just started mining few months ago and i´m still confused about a lot of things.

This should help

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Ah! Thx :). . . . . . .

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You can use that 16x to 16x riser but since it’s unpowered no more than 2 of those per motherboard.