"eCrypto" App on iOS for Nanopool tracking


I’ve brought to you the latest version of eCrypto, the app that will allow you to:

  • Track miner Hashrate, Balance.
  • View List of workers.
  • View Last 25 Payments.

Currently connected to Nanopool, future releases will include most of the pools, that contains APIs, next update will connect to Nicehash.

Happy Mining.
App Link: eCrypto on Appstore

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Just what I’m looking for suprnova support would be great

is it available for android?

Supernova doesn’t have an API, but We’ll do our best to integrate it.

There is another app for android, you can find it in the Help or FAQ section in Nanopool. :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: ill check it out
flypool support would be great

I’m only the developer of iOS app, if you are looking for flypool support on Android, I think you need to contact flypool to provide an API. :slight_smile:

what should I ask them to provide you? they have a thread on here, maybe you could tell them you have an app and it could be used on their pool if they provided you with so and so?

I have contacted them, Next update will have Flypool support :slight_smile:

Happy Mini g

sweet :slight_smile: thanks Kaakati!

Anytime. :slight_smile: @cryptomined

hi - what happened to flypool support for ios? i just downloaded it and it’s not there :frowning: